Thursday, October 14, 2010


This has really been a gut wrenching process. The learning curve for growing and rendering hair is quite steep and I blame the heavy renders for the death of my laptop. I also just really hate deer now.

Modeled by Liz Paradis


Unknown said...

Looks great! From what i hear, hair is SUPER hard. Looks like you tackled it REALLY well though!

Leo Longalong said...

yo mang, i think you should have rendered the body shape then paint over it digitally and i think that scott robertson's technique. cause the hair around the ribcage and body area looks like you took a spray brush and and went crazy. plus i think it would be easier on your computers RAM. but thats just a small suggestion, you can tell meh to f off if you think otherwise. but.....yea! it looks good! said...

fuzzy, i want to hug. I was curious about the deer, so I'm glad you posted it!